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patients - do not contact me by phonePatients and Caregivers:
Please Note That
I Cannot Help You By Phone.
If you have a question, I will try to provide resources to you.
Find contact information here.


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Trisha Torrey
Every Patient’s Advocate
Every Advocate’s Advocate

Professional Advocates, Care Managers, and Media:

The best ways to reach me are by email, through the contact form below, or through social media.  (Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, I can’t leave my phone number here. Patients continue to call and I just cannot help them. They could lose valuable time waiting for a return call from me. Instead, I’ve provided them with other resources.)

If you are on a deadline, please use email as it reaches me quicker than the others. I can generally get back to you within a few hours.


Twitter: (DM)


Trisha Torrey
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