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Trisha Torrey

Since 2004 when I had my own shocking run-in with the American healthcare system, I have been advocating for and working with care managers, advocacy professionals, and patients to improve their business and medical outcomes.
From publishing books, to participating in dozens of speaking and media appearances, to helping medical professionals work more effectively and efficiently with their patients, I’m proud of the differences and improvements I’ve made.


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AgeSmart! 411
Your Guide to Aging Independently

Trisha’s new project, AgeSmart! 411 will be a useful resource and fun spot for Seniors who wish to age independently.

Available to the public in mid-2024, it will host links to a vast repertoire of experts, curated resources, businesses, products, and services that support independent aging.

Older adults, their caregivers and loved ones, and those businesses and professionals who support senior independence will find something to love at AgeSmart! 411. 

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Do you have questions about becoming an independent, private advocacy professional? Or have you started your own practice and want to know how to achieve more success for patients AND yourself?

Let me help YOU succeed!

From the books I have written for you, to the one-on-one advice I can provide, working with me will delight and inform you.

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hospital patient and caregiver

Too many Americans have learned the dirty little secret about American healthcare. It isn’t about health or care. It’s about sickness and money.

I experienced this first-hand, in a very heinous, life-changing way. On the other side of that experience, I vowed to do everything I could to help others avoid the errors and expense that result from our devolving system.

Find books, resources, how-tos, and access to support professionals:

Trisha Torrey
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