Let’s Improve Your Website’s Results!

reviewing websites

Trisha will review your website…

…then recommend updates you can make that will compel more potential clients to reach out – and hire you!

Here’s how it works:


…will fill out a brief form to tell us where to find your website, who your target audiences are, and a few more simple answers to set the stage.

Once we’ve gathered the information we need to start the review…


…will use your information to make an assessment of your site against 35+ attributes* we know are important and necessary to make it be the client-attracting workhorse you need it to be.  

A comprehensive report will be returned to you, including the review findings, suggestions for updates, and resources necessary to explain and implement those updates.

The Results:
More Clients!

Once you’ve made those recommended updates to your site, you’ll begin to see more traffic, more visitors to your site. Plus, even more important, those visitors will be impressed by the sense of trust they feel, and the authority they ascribe to you – so they’ll contact you to learn more.

*What will the review include?

I’ll review several aspects of your site, applying a keen eye for marketing tenets and best practices, plus my knowledge of how the web operates, including SEO (search engine optimization).

The review will assess 35+ different attributes, within these categories:

  • Basics: from branding and target audiences, to messaging, readability, navigation, imaging, and analytics.
  • Tech: from security and privacy to mobile friendliness and SEO.
  • Content: proximity, quality, and findability of information such as contact, CTAs, testimonials, forms, privacy assurances, writing, and disclaimers.
  • Search / Findability: SEO, directories, authority links to your site
  • … and more.

Upon review completion, you will receive: a report that provides you with a punch list of tasks that will help you elevate your site, plus the resources to help you complete those tasks.

Your updated site will garner the trust and authority you want it to represent, making it easy and imperative for prospective clients to contact you.  

Sounds good, right?
Let’s get started…

Begin by filling in the application form.  

Once you submit the form, you’ll be asked to pay for the service.

The price:
$189 for the full review.

Once you’ve paid for the review, you’ll be asked to complete a more extended form with just a few more questions to help me understand who your target audiences are, what services you provide, and what they need to know about you.

Using that information, I’ll use my marketing and tech magnifying glass to study your site, to assess what you’re doing right and well – vs – what needs improvement, then I’ll make recommendations on how you can improve your site to drive more clients to your practice.

That work will be completed, and you’ll receive your report within 5 -8 business days of when I receive your second completed form (post payment form).

It’s that easy!  
Trisha Torrey
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