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Jul 25 2008

July 2008 – Update on Randy Pausch

(The post below was put online this morning at 8:15 EDT. An update at 10 AM — Randy Pausch died this morning. My prayers are with his family.) ………………………………………………….. Because so many of you, my readers, have checked here to learn more about Randy Pausch, I bring to your attention a comment made by Claudia, …

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Jun 10 2008

Randy Pausch – a Commencement Address of a Lifetime

Those of you who follow my blog know that I’m a fan of Randy Pausch, like so many others. I first blogged about him last September, after watching his Lecture of a Lifetime — what he has learned in his too-short years, and the legacy he wants to leave his wife and children. As I …

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Mar 06 2008

Patrick Swayze, Randy Pausch, Pancreatic Cancer

The sad news came of Patrick Swayze’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It’s a deadly cancer, with no way to detect it early, and little chance of survival past a few weeks or months. Several people have asked me if pancreatic cancer is the same cancer that afflicts Randy Pausch. You may remember Dr. Pausch as …

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Feb 10 2008

Update on Randy Pausch, Known for His Lecture of a Lifetime

Last September, a gentleman and professor from Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Tech) made headlines when he announced he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, then stood before a lecture hall of students and gave his “lecture of a lifetime.” It’s about achieving one’s childhood dreams. I watched it again this morning. As I said when I …

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Sep 22 2007

Dr. Pausch on Life – and PTSD

(A Note: I’ve actually started this post a few times, but then I have to grab another tissue, wipe away my tears, and start again…. this is the face of post traumatic stress…. so bear with me, please….) At least a dozen people have sent me links to what ABC called “A Lecture of a …

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