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Medicare Open Enrollment – Time to Figure It Out

This column first appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard October 25, 2011 ……………………………….. If you’ve watched TV, read the newspaper, or logged on to any health-related website recently, then you may already know that it’s Medicare Open Enrollment time. Open Enrollment means you have the opportunity to make choices that affect both your access to …

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Never Events — Shooting the Messenger

Beginning October 1, 2008, Medicare, and many health insurance companies, will no longer pay hospitals for the additional services needed for patients who suffer from “never events.” Never Events, as defined by the National Quality Forum, are those events which should never happen to a patient.  There are 28 errors on the list ranging from …

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Hospitals, Never Events and Your Bill

Last week was National Patient Safety Awareness Week. Seems like the press just caught up this week. From MSN and NBC, to Reuters, and hundreds of news outlets that are more regional or local in nature…. this week patient safety is the bulk of what I see in the headlines. Most of us patients don’t …

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