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Oct 03 2008

Frustrated by a Hospital Stay? Doctors Are Frustrated, Too

One important theme in the information I share with patients, is to help them better understand their frustrations with healthcare as a basis for understanding how to get past those frustrations. Point-of-view is always a good place to begin.  Understanding the point of view of whatever it is that stands in your way can help …

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Feb 29 2008

Forbes: Patients Lose Thru Lack of Hospital Competition

Forbes Magazine this month includes an exhaustive and question-inducing series of articles about hospitals and their ability to best take care of the patients who trust them. And the picture isn’t pretty. Even the titles make us pay attention: Bad Medicine Dirty Tricks Hospitals’ Nightmare And the subtitle under Bad Medicine is — The heart …

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Nov 27 2007

MRSA: Those With Power Aren’t Paying Attention

Two reminders during the past week about MRSA and the real problems facing those who are infected by it — and those who aren’t. The first was an email from Genevieve who told me about her husband’s experience after knee replacement surgery. Two days after being removed to a rehab center, he began running a …

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