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Nov 10 2011

Can You Really Save Money With a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan?

This column first appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard November 8, 2011 ……………………………….. Last column we looked at Medicare Open Enrollment and how Medicare recipients can find great resources for helping them choose which health plan is right for them. Unfortunately, the rest of us, those who are under age 65 and face Open Enrollment …

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Aug 16 2008

Never Events — Shooting the Messenger

Beginning October 1, 2008, Medicare, and many health insurance companies, will no longer pay hospitals for the additional services needed for patients who suffer from “never events.” Never Events, as defined by the National Quality Forum, are those events which should never happen to a patient.  There are 28 errors on the list ranging from …

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Jul 28 2008

Guerrilla Patienting: Getting the Healthcare You Need

Last week I spoke to a group of payers — health insurance executives, Medicare and Medicaid representatives — and shared with them the many ways in which we patients feel the American healthcare system is failing us. The points I made came from you — my readers — from the many stories you have shared …

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Jul 20 2008

Peter Jennings, Healthcare Reform, Asking the Tough Questions

As more and more questions are being asked about how we Americans can possibly continue to pay for our healthcare, a documentary has surfaced that will help us citizens better understand why the American Healthcare System is on the ropes, and ready to implode. A new website called Snagfilms is now offering documentaries, independent films, …

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Jan 05 2008

Why Your Doctor Won’t Help You

Notice that the title doesn’t say “can’t Help You.” It says “won’t.” There’s a big difference. CPT codes are the stuff a doctor’s practice is made from. I know — you thought patients were the basis for a physician practice, but no, CPT codes are more important than patients — even though I can guarantee …

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