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Dec 03 2007

Patient Empowerment on About.com

This is the announcement I’ve been waiting to make to you, and it’s finally time to spring it…. I’m pleased to tell you that as of Friday, About.com has launched a new site for Patient Empowerment — and yours truly is the expert behind the scenes. About.com is owned by the New York Times — …

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Dec 01 2007

From the desk of (12/1/07)…

Miscellany from the week, not requiring full posts on their own…. …………………………….. My big news is ready to be sprung! Although, through today’s blog, I’ll announce it “softly” — a bigger announcement is in the works for this week. You may be familiar with About.com — tens or hundreds of millions of visitors each month …

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Nov 27 2007

MRSA: Those With Power Aren’t Paying Attention

Two reminders during the past week about MRSA and the real problems facing those who are infected by it — and those who aren’t. The first was an email from Genevieve who told me about her husband’s experience after knee replacement surgery. Two days after being removed to a rehab center, he began running a …

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Nov 20 2007

WSJ Interviews Every Patient’s Advocate

Not only was I privileged to contribute to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal (You Doctor’s Business Ties are Your Business, Too ) — but I actually learned even more than I knew before from the article! The question asked by the author, David Armstrong, was whether patients have a right to know about …

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Nov 16 2007

Cancer, Chemo, Emotions: It’s OK Not to be SO OK

In the past few months, I’ve blogged a few times about my admiration for those strong women on TV who are in the process of, or have transitioned through, chemotherapy. Yesterday Robin Roberts (ABC) shared her chemo hair loss story during Good Morning America. Once again, Robin rose to the occasion, showing incredible strength, and …

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