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Mar 07 2017

Your Comments – Loud, Clear, and Acted Upon

There simply are not enough hours in the day. When the “good idea” part of your brain goes into overdrive, and the clock can’t keep up with it, then you’re left with the same 24 everyone else has – with more stuff to do, stuff that takes longer because it’s new. Such has been my …

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Jul 08 2010

O! Fun to be Found in O Magazine

In the five years I’ve been working on patient empowerment and patient advocacy, I’ve been thrilled to have been quoted in the likes of the Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Forbes, Fox, NPR, PBS and others… But now I know I have arrived — because O Magazine came calling!  Sure enough — …

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Sep 18 2009

AdvoConnection Gets Ready to Launch – Outreach to Patients

Update on this post:  AdvoConnection is launched!  Patients are being helped, and patient advocates are ready to help you.  Learn more at:  www.AdvoConnection.com. ……………………………………… Hard at work we’ve been!  And AdvoConnection, a dream of mine for several years, is getting ready to launch. Since beginning my advocacy work almost five years ago, and being highly …

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Oct 20 2007

From the desk of (10/20/07)….

In the midst of this week’s craziness (WAY too much on my plate at the moment!) I have a few miscellaneous, but no less important, points and thoughts to share. I don’t want them to get lost, so I’ll just put them all here…. a potpourri of information. This may become a Saturday or weekend …

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