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Versed, PTSD, and Questions About Informed Consent

Submitted by Anonymous, a patient who continues to struggle with post traumatic stress after suffering at the hands of medicine
February 1, 2009


Have you heard that Versed causes PTSD?  Doctors love it too much for obvious reasons and it has harmed me permanently I guess.  Did you know that even if you don’t sign the informed consent, object vigorously to things like conscious sedation, that the medical professionals will give it to you anyway in a furtive and stealthy manner?

After I was HEAVILY sedated against my wishes, they gave me the general anesthesia which I had admonished them not to give me and withheld consent for.  My inability to respond to this was taken as my CONSENT for this!

The nursing board in my state and the health and welfare board think this is just fine as well.  The operation was 3 TIMES what the cost was without sedation.

Informed consent is just a cruel joke isn’t it?  There is absolutely nothing I can do about it as I am not rich enough to risk having to pay the attorney fees for the hospital if the court decides that this is all just fine and dandy. 3 YEARS have gone by and I still have nightmares about being helpless while under the influence of Versed.

I was sooo very obedient for them once they did the Versed thing to me.   They also LIED big time about what happened to me after injection.  Relying on the “amnesia” which didn’t work on me.  I was obedient and unable to move on my own volition, but I didn’t get amnesia and I didn’t feel “relaxed” regardless of what they said.  How would they know what I was FEELING anyway.  I lay there like a corpse unless ordered to move!

He said he gave it to me for ANXIETY!  News to me as I wasn’t anxious, but I did become concerned with his continuous threatening me with the general anesthetic, once even saying he was going to induce me in the pre op area.  I declined this over and over and all I got for my trouble was a shot of Vitamin V.

I may never be the same again.  Just because the medical people wanted a more expensive procedure than the one I consented to.  Horrible what health care has become.  and they wonder why health care costs are through the roof?

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