Commentary by Lorne Babcock, who began with an objection about EPA writings that regard insurance and payment…

I have an idea.  Move to Canada, we have a real health care system here and every doctor works with your insurance company because the provincial governments and the federal government of Canada are the insurers.  No one is ever turned away, there is no money up front, it is not necessary to sell your home and go bankrupt in order to have medical care.  The list is long and we have it all.

There is one aspect of our health insurance in Canada and that is that we have a queue.  In Canada no matter how much money you have… oh I suppose there are a few exceptions but not very many… you wait your turn just like everybody else.  Everything in life has flaws but the fact that there is no health care system at all in your country makes the one that we have orders of magnitude superior.  We enjoy having Yankees move to Canada as long as you don’t bring your guns, you’re right wing religious approach to government, you leave your racial prejudice on that side of the border and in crossing the border you recognize that you are moving to arguably the best society on the planet.

I like the rest of your ideas at least those that apply cross-border.

If you move to Canada look me up and I will be pleased to buy the best lunch for you that our modest community has to offer and to give you a rousing welcome to the wonderful country called Canada.  You’re welcome however will be modest in its efussiveness and will not be bombastic and loud and egocentric as I might expect when moving to your country.

I guess I have digressed just a little bit but every time I read about your health care system or lack thereof I sit back and I wonder how the current the richest country on earth can deny nearly 60 million of its inhabitants at least some form of health care.  There seems to be lots of money to interfere in the governance of nearly every other country on the planet but there is no money for health care.

That strutting dullard in the White House has spent you into the poor house with over $2 trillion being spent in the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan alone.  Consider what that $2 trillion would have done in a variety of other ways in your country including healthcare for your people.

You will soon have a new president and being who he is perhaps he will have the wisdom and care enough to do something for the common folk in your country instead of enriching the already grossly rich.

Keep up the good work and I enjoy your articles.


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