Category: Surgery

Oct 04 2007

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis on Today Show: Learnings

My heart goes out Darrie Eason, the woman who appeared on this morning’s Today Show who was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, and learned later that they had made a mistake — in fact, she had no cancer at all. In her case, her biopsy specimen was mixed up with another woman’s …

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Sep 27 2007

Tom: A Progress Report

Last week I told you about my email pal, Tom, who fought valiantly with his health insurance company to get clearance for specialized heart surgery. Tom won permission — and his surgery was performed last Wednesday. I received an email last night — from the man himself — and he tells me he made it …

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Sep 26 2007

Newsweek’s My Turn: What About the Patient?

Last week, Newsweek’s My Turn featured an essay by Dr. Richard Karl. Newsweek called it “Good Doctors Spot Mistakes, Save Lives”… a lousy headline for a well-meaning essay, even if the essay needs a postscript. (I’ve provided that postscript below.) Dr. Karl, a surgeon, describes the frustration of trying to track down a sponge which …

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Sep 18 2007

Prayers for Tom

Last month I told you about my email pal Tom who battled with his health insurance company to get permission to go to the Cleveland Clinic for specialized surgery that he can’t get at home. I told you at the time that with each “win” for the possibility of his heart surgery, the insurance company …

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