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Jan 09 2009

Some January Healthcare Thought-Provokers

Not sure what it looks like where you live, but it’s cold outside where I live in Upstate NY, and we’ve got plenty of the white stuff on the ground. Whereas some friends might curl up with a good book, I tend to gravitate to puzzles and thought provokers when I’m indoors and have some …

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Sep 18 2008

Wrong Site Surgery — What Happens Next?

I don’t usually write about local or state news because my work is really more broad than that — however — an article in my local newspaper about a local hospital and wrong-site surgery just begged for some additional information! Wrong site surgery — a “never event” that takes place an estimated 100 – 200 …

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Aug 16 2008

Never Events — Shooting the Messenger

Beginning October 1, 2008, Medicare, and many health insurance companies, will no longer pay hospitals for the additional services needed for patients who suffer from “never events.” Never Events, as defined by the National Quality Forum, are those events which should never happen to a patient.  There are 28 errors on the list ranging from …

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Jul 31 2008

MRSA: Patients Ignored, Left to Die – Redux

Last January I posted three stories I had been told, all within a few days of each other, about patients who had acquired MRSA in the hospital and had been revictimized by the system that would not treat them, listen to them, or help them get well. Over the next several days, I was condemned, …

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Mar 20 2008

Another MRSA Death, More Heartbreak

In January, I told you about three heinous infection situations — three people who contracted MRSA from negligence and bad medical protocol. At the time, I took some major hits from providers — in effect, chastising ME for the plight of these people, and taking offense to the fact that I blamed the professionals who …

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