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Patrick Swayze, Randy Pausch, Pancreatic Cancer

The sad news came of Patrick Swayze’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. It’s a deadly cancer, with no way to detect it early, and little chance of survival past a few weeks or months. Several people have asked me if pancreatic cancer is the same cancer that afflicts Randy Pausch. You may remember Dr. Pausch as …

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Update on Randy Pausch, Known for His Lecture of a Lifetime

Last September, a gentleman and professor from Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Tech) made headlines when he announced he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, then stood before a lecture hall of students and gave his “lecture of a lifetime.” It’s about achieving one’s childhood dreams. I watched it again this morning. As I said when I …

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Cancer Misdiagnosis: If I had a nickel….

… for every email I’ve received from friends, web visitors, blog readers, radio listeners regarding the man in England named John who was misdiagnosed with cancer, spent all his money, then found out he had no cancer afterall… Yes — the misdiagnosis story is my story, too, minus two major points: I didn’t spend all …

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