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Jul 21 2011

Find Support From Other Patients

(as published in the Syracuse Post StandardJuly 19, 2011) When you must cope with a medical problem or manage a chronic illness, you’ll find you have a variety of challenges and questions. For clinical, medical questions, your most trusted resource should be your doctor. But when it comes to everyday management of your illness or …

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Jun 08 2011

Is It Safe to Purchase Prescription Drugs Online?

(as published in the Syracuse Post Standard, June 7, 2011) One question I’m asked frequently is whether it’s safe to purchase prescription drugs on the Internet. Whether you like the convenience or hope to save money by purchasing online, the short answer is “Sure! Go for it!” But that’s followed by some cautionary advice, too. …

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Feb 12 2009

Snooping – Medical Records Access Made Easy

I exchange thoughts with healthcare IT people on a daily basis over at Twitter.  So many of them seem perplexed at why we patients look at putting our medical records on the internet with trepidation. Then along comes this video from Elizabeth Cohen at CNN.  In a matter of minutes, she was able to pull …

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Feb 02 2009

Informed Consent Called Into Question

A new post by my blog guest Anonymous, poses a question, “Informed consent is just a cruel joke, isn’t it?” This gentleman, who underwent surgery, was given Versed as anesthesia, despite stating that he did not want to be given any drug that would render him unconscious.  So, not only did he deny consent, he …

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Jan 27 2009

Is Google Strong-Arming the Feds to Allow Sale of Health Information?

For several years now, I’ve sounded the warning bells — stay away from those websites that allow you to put your own health records online for free…. You can’t imagine how much grief I’ve taken for that statement.  Especially when I point out that organizations like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic are actually …

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