Category: Politics and Medicine

Oct 27 2011

Medicare Open Enrollment – Time to Figure It Out

This column first appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard October 25, 2011 ……………………………….. If you’ve watched TV, read the newspaper, or logged on to any health-related website recently, then you may already know that it’s Medicare Open Enrollment time. Open Enrollment means you have the opportunity to make choices that affect both your access to …

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Jan 24 2011

Back in Business….

When last I wrote, I’d been catching up after a whirlwind Fall travel season.  And here I find myself catching up after another crazy six weeks… I don’t just bow out completely, even if it seems so.  I’m blogging in other places, like and the AdvoConnection blog, plus I have been promoting my new …

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Aug 07 2009

The AMA, Healthcare Reform – And a Good Chuckle

Forwarded to me by a dear friend (thanks Dot!)… so I share it with you. Wish I could attribute it, but I have no idea where it came from. If you know, let me know, too. Credit where credit is due. The American Medical Association Weighs in on Healthcare Reform The Allergists voted to scratch …

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Jul 29 2009

Healthcare Reform: Which Comes First – Lives or Money?

As Congress continues to struggle with healthcare reform, I suggest that there is one way to look at it that might make the arguments simpler than they currently are. I see only two points of view. No matter who you are or what your interest in reform is, you fall into one of these categories: …

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May 02 2009

Swine Flu and Chicken Little – Too Much Hype?

After a week of hearing that the sky is falling because swine flu was going to take us all down, there’s a lot of second guessing about whether government(s) and the media have over-hyped the potential for a pandemic, and whether we have all over-reacted to the fear. I say – we have not overreacted …

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