Category: Pharmaceutical Drugs

Feb 02 2009

Informed Consent Called Into Question

A new post by my blog guest Anonymous, poses a question, “Informed consent is just a cruel joke, isn’t it?” This gentleman, who underwent surgery, was given Versed as anesthesia, despite stating that he did not want to be given any drug that would render him unconscious.  So, not only did he deny consent, he …

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Jan 31 2009

From Cranky Bloggers to Peanut Butter: Week in Review

Here’s an update on my Every Patient’s Advocate activities for the week of January 25 to 31: See this icon?  It means this link includes an opportunity for you to participate, beyond just a comment.  However, please remember that your comments to any article or post are always welcome. This icon indicates a piece that …

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Aug 14 2008

Ulterior Motives for Eating Disorders, Too

I had lunch today with a long-time friend, Mindy.  (No, of course that’s not her real name…) It’s been at least a year since we saw each other, and probably two since we had a long conversation. My heart broke as I learned that her daughter, Lindsay (not her real name either) has, for lack …

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Jul 05 2008

CNN’s Heroes of Patient Empowerment. A Humble Thank You.

There aren’t many times that I am left speechless, but this is one of them. If you are a regular reader of CNN’s Empowered Patient, offered each week by Elizabeth Cohen, then you know there have been any number of outstanding advocates featured. People who work tirelessly to improve our safety, access and navigation through …

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Apr 24 2008

Is the Federal Government Taking Away Your Patient Rights?

Kim Witczak, a fixer supreme, who has worked hard to protect others after losing her husband to prescription drug-induced suicide, has posted the second Every Patient’s Advocate Guest Blog Post — see it here. Kim’s husband Woody was having trouble sleeping. His doctor prescribed Zoloft. Woody took his own life, and only later after doing …

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