Category: Pharmaceutical Drugs

Mar 10 2007

Pharma Profits Can Kill You

Once again we find prescription drugs at the center of debate — and we patients are the ones who will be hurt by it. (so what else is new?) The AP, including the Washington Post, Forbes , TV news and others are reporting that three pharm drugs approved for anemia have been promoted and used …

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Feb 22 2007

Are you in Knoxville? Watch for EPA!

As announced here several weeks ago, my Every Patient’s Advocate columns can now be found in the Knoxville News Sentinel — and today is the debut. This is my official date of syndication! I now have two regular publications carrying my column — and hope to add many more. Find “Take Your Pills Seriously” in …

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Feb 19 2007

Chemo Drugs and Doctor Profits

Last week I “met” Julia Schopick, a patient advocate who has some good information for you at After Julia read my misdiagnosis story, she sent me a link to this MSNBC story by Rehema Ellis called “Cancer Docs Profit from Chemotherapy Drugs.” I almost fell off my chair when I read it! If you …

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Feb 10 2007

Pharmaceutical Drugs and Advertising

I have news alerts delivered to my email each day, and it seems like the topic of the week has been how horribly harmful those TV ads (OK, and radio and newspaper and web) are when they try to convince mere viewers (or readers or listeners) to ask for certain drugs. Most people don’t know …

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