Category: Medical Records

Jan 05 2008

Why Your Doctor Won’t Help You

Notice that the title doesn’t say “can’t Help You.” It says “won’t.” There’s a big difference. CPT codes are the stuff a doctor’s practice is made from. I know — you thought patients were the basis for a physician practice, but no, CPT codes are more important than patients — even though I can guarantee …

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Nov 19 2007

Another PHR Program that Violates Your Privacy

I learned this week that a loved one who has been battling cancer for many years was encouraged to sign up for an online personal health record (PHR) called Caring 4 Cancer. It’s a perfect example of the kind of PHR that I think can be dangerous for patients because there is no privacy. Even …

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Oct 23 2007

California Fires: A lesson in medical records

Last night I spoke with my daughter, Becca, who lives in Carlsbad, California — not far from the raging fires now found throughout the area. She lives directly west of the evacuated areas, between the fires and the ocean. She tells me no one is really sure what to do. They can’t find water to …

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Aug 30 2007

Monster, Marshalls, Others Prove No Privacy

Your no-brainer quiz for today: What do, Visa, Marshalls and TJMax, Oklahoma Law Enforcement, Spotsylvania County, PA, and at least 500 other entities have in common? They have lost electronic information to hackers, scammers and phishers in the past three years. And there’s a good chance some of YOUR personal information was among the …

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Jul 20 2007

The P and M Words: Easier Said than Done

Yesterday brought two excellent and interesting conversations, both of which could directly affect your medical care. First, my news alerts sent me to the website of a family practice physician turned patient advocate, Dr. Delia Chiaramonte. I wonder if the people in Baltimore, MD realize what a gem they have to help them? Dr. Chiaramonte …

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