Category: Medical Records

Jan 27 2009

Is Google Strong-Arming the Feds to Allow Sale of Health Information?

For several years now, I’ve sounded the warning bells — stay away from those websites that allow you to put your own health records online for free…. You can’t imagine how much grief I’ve taken for that statement.  Especially when I point out that organizations like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic are actually …

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Jan 22 2009

Electronic Medical Records and Privacy – Oil and Water

I’ve written many times before about electronic medical records, personal health records and privacy.  They can’t effectively be used in the same sentence unless you bring up oil and water, too.  They just don’t mix. An incident right here in my office spawned this post.  Twice in the past week, a stranger’s medical records have …

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Jan 15 2009

30 Rock, Medical Tests, When Negative is Positive (or Vice Versa?)

Ted Eytan, MD, a patient empowerment advocate and a fellow Tweeple provided a heads up about a clip from 30 Rock which all us non-medical professionals can relate to.  It’s brought to us by Hulu: Have you had this experience?  Is negative a positive?  Or is positive a negative? Isn’t this just a great example …

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Jul 02 2008

Heather, SPTCL, Another Misdiagnosis and Doctors Who Should Not Practice Medicine

Here’s the good news:  Heather does not have SPTCL. Here’s the bad news:  Heather does have another type of T-cell lymphoma called CGD-TCL, cutaneous gamma-delta t-cell lymphoma.  Also written with Greek letters:  cutaneous ?/? T-cell lymphoma To say that both Heather and I were shocked is an understatement.  If you read my post a few …

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Jan 05 2008

Why Your Doctor Won’t Help You

Notice that the title doesn’t say “can’t Help You.” It says “won’t.” There’s a big difference. CPT codes are the stuff a doctor’s practice is made from. I know — you thought patients were the basis for a physician practice, but no, CPT codes are more important than patients — even though I can guarantee …

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