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Dec 29 2008

An End Of the Year Revisit — SPTCL and Misdiagnosis

If you’ve read this blog for awhile, then you know 2008 was the year of SPTCL misdiagnoses. SPTCL, subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma, was the rare and deadly lymphoma that kick-started my work as Every Patient’s Advocate.  I was told I had it.  In fact, I was told by two labs and an oncologist that I …

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Dec 27 2008

When Is An Oath Not a Hippocratic Oath?

Over the past several months I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Gregory Eastwood. He may claim he is retired, but that would hardly be true. He is the former president of SUNY Upstate Medical University and former interim president of Case Western Reserve University.  Today he teaches bioethics and humanities to medical …

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Oct 31 2008

Two Healthy De-Cancered Patients

De-cancered — a good word, isn’t it?  Look at these two faces — they look quite healthy, don’t you think? Well — they most certainly are — quite healthy, despite the chemo both faced prior to proving neither one had the cancer she was diagnosed with. What this photo doesn’t show, is the emotion behind …

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Sep 23 2008

Have You Been Diagnosed with Cancer? Are You Sure the Diagnosis is Correct?

When I received my cancer diagnosis in 2004, and proved I didn’t really have cancer at all, it was the first time I had ever heard or known about that form of misdiagnosis. It’s backwards from those we hear about more frequently.  Most of the time we hear about a “missed diagnosis” — meaning someone …

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Sep 18 2008

Wrong Site Surgery — What Happens Next?

I don’t usually write about local or state news because my work is really more broad than that — however — an article in my local newspaper about a local hospital and wrong-site surgery just begged for some additional information! Wrong site surgery — a “never event” that takes place an estimated 100 – 200 …

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