Category: Medical Errors / Mistakes / Misdiagnosis

Jan 20 2007

Katie Couric ‘d

You may have read the report this week that cancer deaths in the US decreased for the second straight year. How marvelous that is! And a real testament to patients taking charge of their healthcare decisions …. The biggest drop in death rates was for colorectal cancer. Much of the credit for that drop is …

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Jan 17 2007

Nigel Summerley – where are you?

A friend forwarded this story to me today from The Independent — a newspaper in the UK: I just want to give Nigel a high-five! An atta-boy! A YOU-Go my overseas friend! BUT — I can’t find an email address anywhere for Nigel. Can anyone help? Nigel — if you find this blog, will …

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Jan 15 2007

Hospital Acquired Infections

My column in the Syracuse Post Standard on Jan 9 told about my mother-in-law’s hospital acquired infection post surgery in December. Thankfully she’s on the mend. She’s one of the lucky ones. Response to the column has been overwhelming. From stories to photos, one sadder than the next. Scares the bejeezus out of me! A …

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Jan 13 2007

Failure to Diagnose

A woman contacted me yesterday highly frustrated because she has been trying for seven months to get a diagnosis and so far — nuttin’. She asked me about it because she had just visited a specialist, and his first question to her had been “why are you here?” Turns out, the referral was made by …

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Jan 08 2007

Ovarian Cancer – an Invisible Disease

She’s elderly. And for more than six months, she has complained with what seemed to be gastro-intestinal symptoms. Bloat, pain, fullness, lack of appetite, swelling and more. Tests on her gastro system including CT scans, ultrasound and an MRI were run and – nothing. Some of her current drugs, including Zoloft, were cut back to …

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