Category: Medical and Research Studies

Feb 04 2009

Healthcare Journalism and Truth

(The following is reprinted with permission from John James, PhD, a patient safety advocate who came to his work after the loss of his son, Alex, to medical errors.  Dr. James publishes a monthly patient safety newsletter, and has written a book focused on what he learned about the dysfunction of America’s for-profit healthcare system. …

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Jun 24 2008

Misdiagnosis, a Visit to the Lab and One Last Point

For those of you who have read my misdiagnosis story, you know that one of the ultimate heroes was the pathologist (I’ll call him Dr. H.) who helped me understand how the misdiagnosis happened.  Even though he was one of the doctors responsible for getting it wrong, in the end, he didn’t turn away or …

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Jun 16 2008

What Tim Russert Has Taught Us About Healthcare and a Healthy Life

Like so many of you, my heart breaks at the loss of Tim Russert. On so many levels, we felt a kinship to him. Anyone who has tried to understand American politics or politicians during the past 20 years has gotten to know Tim Russert, as if he were the trusted friend and neighbor who …

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May 22 2008

FDA Tells Merck “NO” — Twice Burned, Twice Shy?

A few weeks ago, the FDA refused Merck Pharmaceuticals permission to sell a newly developed drug called MK-0524A  that combines niacin and a cholesterol drug . Today we learn that Merck has now stopped trials of the drug. As you know if you read this blog or my other blogs regularly, Merck has been caught …

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May 06 2008

Conspiracy Theories, Reversing Kidney Disease, and Personalized Medicine

Over the years, I’ve had conversations with a handful of health conspiracy theorists. They claim there is a cure for the common cold, but the makers of symptom relief medicines block that cure from making it to the marketplace. OR, they claim certain cancers can be cured, but the cures have been developed by the …

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