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Feb 02 2009

Informed Consent Called Into Question

A new post by my blog guest Anonymous, poses a question, “Informed consent is just a cruel joke, isn’t it?” This gentleman, who underwent surgery, was given Versed as anesthesia, despite stating that he did not want to be given any drug that would render him unconscious.  So, not only did he deny consent, he …

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Jan 13 2009

More Infection Warnings – Tools to Prevent Germy Spread

Betsy McCaughey, director of RID (Reduce Hospital Deaths) reminds us in her latest Wall Street Journal article that those hospital germs, the ones that cause death and debilitation, are everywhere. In her most recent article, she points to doctors’ and nurses’ scrubs, coats, ties — their clothing.  MRSA, C.Diff. and other infectious pathogens cling to …

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Jan 09 2009

Some January Healthcare Thought-Provokers

Not sure what it looks like where you live, but it’s cold outside where I live in Upstate NY, and we’ve got plenty of the white stuff on the ground. Whereas some friends might curl up with a good book, I tend to gravitate to puzzles and thought provokers when I’m indoors and have some …

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Oct 18 2008

What Can We Learn from Susan’s Horrendous Hospital Stay?

No commentary needed here. See what my friend Susan shared with me about her recent experience: I had a routine colonoscopy, then 5 days later, I began to hemorrhage and passed out on the street corner. Some passerbys helped me and called an ambulance, but I ended up in the St XXX’s ER, one of …

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Oct 03 2008

Frustrated by a Hospital Stay? Doctors Are Frustrated, Too

One important theme in the information I share with patients, is to help them better understand their frustrations with healthcare as a basis for understanding how to get past those frustrations. Point-of-view is always a good place to begin.  Understanding the point of view of whatever it is that stands in your way can help …

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