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More on MRSA – It just doesn’t stop

I heard this weekend from a woman who read my columns about MRSA. She shared her experience — how she contracted MRSA seven years ago, and a recent experience with surgery. She was frustrated because, for the most recent surgery, she was put on a floor in the hospital that was just for MRSA patients …

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MRSA on the Today Show

Excellent piece this morning on the Today Show about MRSA, the superbug infection that resists any of the drugs developed to treat it. I’ve written two of my columns, and blogged about it before about it, including my interview with Dr. Betsy McCaughey who founded RID: Reduce Hospital Infections. RID has developed 15 steps patients …

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Hospital Acquired Infections

My column in the Syracuse Post Standard on Jan 9 told about my mother-in-law’s hospital acquired infection post surgery in December. Thankfully she’s on the mend. She’s one of the lucky ones. Response to the column has been overwhelming. From stories to photos, one sadder than the next. Scares the bejeezus out of me! A …

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