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Nov 10 2011

Can You Really Save Money With a High Deductible Health Insurance Plan?

This column first appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard November 8, 2011 ……………………………….. Last column we looked at Medicare Open Enrollment and how Medicare recipients can find great resources for helping them choose which health plan is right for them. Unfortunately, the rest of us, those who are under age 65 and face Open Enrollment …

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Jun 08 2011

Is It Safe to Purchase Prescription Drugs Online?

(as published in the Syracuse Post Standard, June 7, 2011) One question I’m asked frequently is whether it’s safe to purchase prescription drugs on the Internet. Whether you like the convenience or hope to save money by purchasing online, the short answer is “Sure! Go for it!” But that’s followed by some cautionary advice, too. …

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Jan 24 2011

Back in Business….

When last I wrote, I’d been catching up after a whirlwind Fall travel season.  And here I find myself catching up after another crazy six weeks… I don’t just bow out completely, even if it seems so.  I’m blogging in other places, like and the AdvoConnection blog, plus I have been promoting my new …

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Jun 04 2010

Patients Don’t Believe the Evidence! What’s Wrong With Us?

The journal Health Affairs reports on a study that finds Evidence That Consumers Are Skeptical About Evidence-Based Health Care. According to the abstract, We found many of these consumers’ beliefs, values, and knowledge to be at odds with what policy makers prescribe as evidence-based health care. Few consumers understood terms such as “medical evidence” or …

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Jan 07 2010

Conspiracy Theorists and Flu Vaccines – Pick Another Battle Please

A couple of weeks ago I posted a flu vaccine commentary and poll after listening to Dr. Dean Edell on the radio. He was talking about people who refuse to get vaccinated. He made the comment that vaccines have been proven effective for decades, and he’s tired of trying to defend them. That if people …

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