Category: Doctor Communication

Jan 26 2007

When Being a Tattle Tale is All for the Good

Yesterday I saw the surgeon who was part of my misdiagnosis story for the first time in 2-1/2 years. He was one of the good guys in the story. He did what he was supposed to do, and did it to his best ability. But I realized as we were chatting, that he was also …

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Jan 13 2007

Failure to Diagnose

A woman contacted me yesterday highly frustrated because she has been trying for seven months to get a diagnosis and so far — nuttin’. She asked me about it because she had just visited a specialist, and his first question to her had been “why are you here?” Turns out, the referral was made by …

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Jan 10 2007

Study: Second Opinions Change Treatment More Than Half the Time!

Heard this on the Today Show this morning: A study at the University of Michigan — women with breast cancer were studied, and 52% of the time a second opinion yielded changes in the original protocol recommendations for their treatments. Every Patient’s Advocate’s recommendation: whenever your treatment will be at ALL invasive (surgery, difficult …

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Jan 06 2007

Doctors and Ambiguity

One of the great frustrations of my mother-in-law’s trial in the hospital is dealing with her surgeon, AKA “the artful dodger.” In this case, my husband wants to get his arms around what happens after my M-in-L has her chemo treatments. How long will she be in the hospital? What are the options for nursing …

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