June 2011 archive

Jun 23 2011

Making Integrative Choices – Complementary and Alternative Medicine

(as published in the Syracuse Post Standard, June 21, 2011) Many migraine sufferers and patients with back pain choose acupuncture to relieve their pain. Breast cancer patients are finding improved outcomes from meditation as they go through chemotherapy. Both acupuncture and meditation are considered “complementary” therapies, as are yoga, reiki, therapeutic massage and similar therapies.  …

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Jun 08 2011

Is It Safe to Purchase Prescription Drugs Online?

(as published in the Syracuse Post Standard, June 7, 2011) One question I’m asked frequently is whether it’s safe to purchase prescription drugs on the Internet. Whether you like the convenience or hope to save money by purchasing online, the short answer is “Sure! Go for it!” But that’s followed by some cautionary advice, too. …

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