You Bet Your Life! Published, Early and Available

In my life, I’ve given birth three times — to Becca, my older daughter, Ashley, my younger daughter — and now to my first book.

Labor!  ay!  Let me tell you about my labor!  The gestation period has taken years (please, no elephant jokes!) — but the baby was worth waiting for.

You Bet Your Life!
The 10 Mistakes Every Patient Makes
(How to Fix Them to Get the Health Care You Deserve)

I’m quite proud of it, really.  And I’d love to know what you think of it, too.

Even after all that time, it was a bit premature — meaning — it won’t be available in bookstores for another several weeks — the actual publication date isn’t until February 1, 2010.


It IS available for sale at the book’s websiteand between now and December 31, 2009, at special pricing.  Not only is the book price reduced (only $12.95 — retail cost is $16.95) — but shipping is only $1 per book in the US. (A bit higher outside the US.)

I’ve been asked if it contains the same information you find on my other websites and the answer is yes and no.  In fact, some of the basic information is the same — yes — but I’m told by those who have already read it that it’s far more comprehensive, and that since it is found in a chronology of ideas, it’s far more useful.

Please take my baby home!  Then let me know what you think.  And thanks to the many people who have already supplied good words….  It’s time for YOU to take control of your health care now, too!

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  1. Michael Kirsch, M.D. December 16, 2009

    Best of luck. I have no doubt it will be a great read. At least your 3rd offspring won’t go through the teenage years.