August 2009 archive

Aug 31 2009

Autism and MMR Link, Parents Fooled, Follow the Money, Then LISTEN

I’ll begin this post by saying that I understand the basics — that many parents of children with autism believe that autism was brought on by vaccines.  And that scientific research has over and over again proven that link does not exist. Then I watched the Dateline / Matt Lauer interviews and exposé, A Dose …

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Aug 07 2009

The AMA, Healthcare Reform – And a Good Chuckle

Forwarded to me by a dear friend (thanks Dot!)… so I share it with you. Wish I could attribute it, but I have no idea where it came from. If you know, let me know, too. Credit where credit is due. The American Medical Association Weighs in on Healthcare Reform The Allergists voted to scratch …

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