April 2009 archive

Apr 30 2009

Swine Flu Myths – From Celebrities to Conspiracy Theories

It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorists and the rumor mills to get going over swine flu, did it? Let’s see:  do Madonna or Salma Hayak already have swine flu? Or – is this possible pandemic really just bioterrorism? These and more swine flu myths, separating fact from fiction and some fraud thrown in, …

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Apr 25 2009

Swine Flu – But What About Bacon and Eggs?

Note:  Swine Flu FAQs updated daily Plus:  Should We Be Afraid of Swine Flu? While the professionals provide us with statistics about Mexico, Texas, California or other places where patients have contracted swine flu, I actually find I have different questions all together: I don’t live in Mexico. Am I at risk for getting swine …

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Apr 19 2009

Doctors “Fire” Patients – and Patients Respond

Many of you, my readers, have had complaints about the healthcare system, including the relationship you have (or don’t have) with a doctor. And I hear you — I’ve had bad experiences with some doctors, too. But that begs the question — do doctors have complaints about patients, too? Of course they do!  I asked, …

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Apr 11 2009

Advocating – What’s “Friendly” Got to Do With It?

It’s a simple question, but it has stirred some controversy.  It’s the word “friendly.” Colleague and fellow passionate advocate Bart Windrum got (as my mother would say) his blood in a bubble after reading an article about engaging a patient advocate to help you navigate your healthcare, recently published in a Tampa newspaper. In a …

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Apr 03 2009

We’re Looking for You!

Paying for healthcare is getting more and more difficult, whether it’s affording insurance premiums, paying for expensive drug prescriptions or managing without coverage at all.  And there’s no sign that it will get any easier anytime soon, as we all know too well. I’ve been contacted by a TV news network to help recruit two …

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