February 2009 archive

Feb 27 2009

A Doctor’s God Complex, a Life Nearly Lost

A friend and colleague, Franny, shared her story with me and caused my jaw to drop. Then, I realized it didn’t really surprise me at all. Having suffered months and months of treatment for his brain cancer, Asa’s life was almost lost due to the arrogance of the resident who was in charge of his …

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Feb 20 2009

About.com Health is All a-Twitter

If you thought social networking was only for kids, Gen Web-ers or geeks, then think again. Social networking has become a great source for finding people who can help you improve your health, or your medical care. If you aren’t sure what I mean by social networking, then you’ll recognize it by other names you …

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Feb 16 2009

Some Light Reading and Good Dinner Conversation

Lest you think patient advocacy is all about sticking up for yourself through doom and gloom, I thought I’d share this piece from Prevention Magazine.  I enjoyed it, and learned something from this baker’s dozen of tips. Maybe you’ll learn something, too: Why do we laugh until we cry? Why do onions make us tear …

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Feb 12 2009

Snooping – Medical Records Access Made Easy

I exchange thoughts with healthcare IT people on a daily basis over at Twitter.  So many of them seem perplexed at why we patients look at putting our medical records on the internet with trepidation. Then along comes this video from Elizabeth Cohen at CNN.  In a matter of minutes, she was able to pull …

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Feb 04 2009

Healthcare Journalism and Truth

(The following is reprinted with permission from John James, PhD, a patient safety advocate who came to his work after the loss of his son, Alex, to medical errors.  Dr. James publishes a monthly patient safety newsletter, and has written a book focused on what he learned about the dysfunction of America’s for-profit healthcare system. …

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