October 2008 archive

Oct 31 2008

Two Healthy De-Cancered Patients

De-cancered — a good word, isn’t it?  Look at these two faces — they look quite healthy, don’t you think? Well — they most certainly are — quite healthy, despite the chemo both faced prior to proving neither one had the cancer she was diagnosed with. What this photo doesn’t show, is the emotion behind …

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Oct 18 2008

What Can We Learn from Susan’s Horrendous Hospital Stay?

No commentary needed here. See what my friend Susan shared with me about her recent experience: I had a routine colonoscopy, then 5 days later, I began to hemorrhage and passed out on the street corner. Some passerbys helped me and called an ambulance, but I ended up in the St XXX’s ER, one of …

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Oct 14 2008

Healthcare Reform – Do You Understand the Questions?

We all think we know what healthcare reform means — we think it means something about universal healthcare, right? You might be surprised to learn that “universal healthcare” isn’t what it’s about at all.  It’s about shifting who gets healthcare, figuring out how to pay for it, and knowing that any success we find will …

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Oct 10 2008

Will Healthcare Be Important in the Upcoming Elections?

I’ve been running a poll on my About.com patient empowerment site, asking the question Tom Brokaw asked in the debate this week:  Is healthcare a right?  or a responsibility? Do we as individuals believe we should all have a right to healthcare coverage, similar to the way we have police protection, or fire protection, or …

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Oct 07 2008

Wall Street Robber Barons — Killing Americans?

The incredible anger of all Americans at those greedy S.O.B.s who have been running the banks and investment houses that are already robbing Americans of their hard earned money, will ramp up further at this revelation: As you may know, the number of uninsured Americans is typically quoted at 47 million. We learned that last …

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