Peter Jennings, Healthcare Reform, Asking the Tough Questions

As more and more questions are being asked about how we Americans can possibly continue to pay for our healthcare, a documentary has surfaced that will help us citizens better understand why the American Healthcare System is on the ropes, and ready to implode.

A new website called Snagfilms is now offering documentaries, independent films, and other less available motion pictures for any and all to learn from or be entertained by. Among them is this report which Peter Jennings was just finishing when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, just months before he died.  In fact, while he handled the interviews for the program, someone else had to do the narration because Jennings, ironically, was too sick to do so.

This report addresses healthcare costs, responsibilities, and who is really paying for all those 47 million people who don’t have private insurance.  It will open your eyes, frustrate you, and give you good reasons to begin getting involved in the conversation.

This American dysfunction WILL implode.  Make no mistake about that.  Watch this report to learn some of the reasons why.

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