July 2008 archive

Jul 31 2008

MRSA: Patients Ignored, Left to Die – Redux

Last January I posted three stories I had been told, all within a few days of each other, about patients who had acquired MRSA in the hospital and had been revictimized by the system that would not treat them, listen to them, or help them get well. Over the next several days, I was condemned, …

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Jul 29 2008

A Sea of Broken Hearts – Dad Posts About the Loss of Alex

I’ve added another guest post this morning — one that will break your heart, too. John T. James, PhD, a dad — and now a fixer — posted about his son Alex, a seemingly healthy 19-year-old college runner who one day collapsed, was hospitalized, and died a few weeks later. The problem is, of course, …

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Jul 28 2008

Guerrilla Patienting: Getting the Healthcare You Need

Last week I spoke to a group of payers — health insurance executives, Medicare and Medicaid representatives — and shared with them the many ways in which we patients feel the American healthcare system is failing us. The points I made came from you — my readers — from the many stories you have shared …

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Jul 25 2008

July 2008 – Update on Randy Pausch

(The post below was put online this morning at 8:15 EDT. An update at 10 AM — Randy Pausch died this morning. My prayers are with his family.) ………………………………………………….. Because so many of you, my readers, have checked here to learn more about Randy Pausch, I bring to your attention a comment made by Claudia, …

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Jul 20 2008

Peter Jennings, Healthcare Reform, Asking the Tough Questions

As more and more questions are being asked about how we Americans can possibly continue to pay for our healthcare, a documentary has surfaced that will help us citizens better understand why the American Healthcare System is on the ropes, and ready to implode. A new website called Snagfilms is now offering documentaries, independent films, …

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