May 2008 archive

May 29 2008

An ER Nightmare: Hit to the Psyche and the Wallet

Star Lawrence is a fellow health and medical blogger, commenting almost daily on the state of American healthcare, and her experiences. She’s often funny, and she’s always to the point. One of those “I have to laugh so I won’t cry” types of commentary. Star sent me a post to share with you, and it …

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May 22 2008

FDA Tells Merck “NO” — Twice Burned, Twice Shy?

A few weeks ago, the FDA refused Merck Pharmaceuticals permission to sell a newly developed drug called MK-0524A  that combines niacin and a cholesterol drug . Today we learn that Merck has now stopped trials of the drug. As you know if you read this blog or my other blogs regularly, Merck has been caught …

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May 20 2008

Update: Carmelo Rodriguez’ Ignored and Missed Diagnosis

I first told you about Carmelo Rodriguez last January. He joined the Marines in 1997 and during his induction physical, the doctor found a spot of melanoma, recorded it in Rodriguez’ medical record, but never told him about it. Over the years, that spot grew, became inflamed, and filled with pus. While in Iraq, the …

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May 18 2008

When Egos Transcend Common Sense and Doing the Right Thing

I’ve been reminded twice in the last two days about the oncologist who was a part of my misdiagnosis story. He’s a big part of it; if he hadn’t been such an arrogant SOB, then I probably would not have changed careers to help other patients help themselves. But most days I don’t even think …

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May 11 2008

Moms With Alzheimers Need Mother’s Day, Too

At least I think they do. I returned a few days ago from spending a week with my parents in Florida. My mother is in a “Memory Support Center” — a too-hopeful title for a place where people who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias can benefit from assisted living and nursing care, plus …

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