Is the Federal Government Taking Away Your Patient Rights?

Kim Witczak, a fixer supreme, who has worked hard to protect others after losing her husband to prescription drug-induced suicide, has posted the second Every Patient’s Advocate Guest Blog Post — see it here.

Kim’s husband Woody was having trouble sleeping. His doctor prescribed Zoloft. Woody took his own life, and only later after doing some investigative work, did Kim learn that Pfizer, the manufacturer of Zoloft, knew that suicide was an adverse side effect of Zoloft. In order to get FDA approval to sell the drug, Pfizer covered up the studies that showed the suicide risk. Kim sued Pfizer and won the lawsuit.

Now it seems that drug companies are using FDA approval to stand between them and law suits. A recent ruling says patients who suffer from adverse events, even when they could not have known about possibilities because the drug companies withheld that information, cannot sue if the FDA gave approval.

So let’s think this through a minute…. the drug manufacturer lies by covering up patient deaths. The FDA approves the drug, because it doesn’t know the drug causes deaths. A patient takes the drug — and dies. And when a lawsuit ensues, the ruling is “sorry — since the FDA approved the drug, the patient has no case.”

Does this make sense to you? Read what Kim has to say about it. Then be outraged.

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