April 2008 archive

Apr 28 2008

The Bully Psychiatrist from Naples, FL – Follow Up and Lessons Learned

A few months ago I told you about an addiction psychiatrist from Naples, Florida who is a bully. Well — he is still bullying. I heard from him again today. At that time I shared with you a story about a comment that had been made about him by someone who had read my blog. …

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Apr 24 2008

Is the Federal Government Taking Away Your Patient Rights?

Kim Witczak, a fixer supreme, who has worked hard to protect others after losing her husband to prescription drug-induced suicide, has posted the second Every Patient’s Advocate Guest Blog Post — see it here. Kim’s husband Woody was having trouble sleeping. His doctor prescribed Zoloft. Woody took his own life, and only later after doing …

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Apr 19 2008

Bloggers Affect the Objectivity of Science

An interesting article about scientists and their ties to profit making medical organizations such as pharma, device manufacturers and others has crossed my desk. And it’s a welcome change of pace! Questions have surrounded the objectivity of researchers for several years. A scientist or researcher who is employed by, say, a university, has traditionally accepted …

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Apr 10 2008

My Daughters’ Grief — End-of-Life Decisions, Advanced Directives

Word came from my daughters this morning that their father has died. David died of a lethal combination of lupus, high blood pressure and alcoholism at the age of 59. Yes, he was my ex-husband. Divorced 20 years ago in 1988, there are 800+ miles between where I live and where he lived, miles put …

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