March 2008 archive

Mar 25 2008

Counterfeit Drugs — They May Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

You may think, like I did, that counterfeit drugs are somebody else’s problem. If they are dumb enough to order drugs from some third-world country that probably supports drug manufacturers that use only fake ingredients? Well. Caveat Emptor — that person gets what he deserves. Not my problem. I was so wrong! Turns out counterfeit …

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Mar 21 2008

Taking Your Pills — When You’re Supposed To

Last week I had the opportunity to speak before a group of pharmaceutical package designers. These are the folks who have to worry about making sure our pills, capsules, liquid medicines and others stay protected from heat, humidity, children and a host of regulations that require them to make packages that let the right people …

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Mar 20 2008

Another MRSA Death, More Heartbreak

In January, I told you about three heinous infection situations — three people who contracted MRSA from negligence and bad medical protocol. At the time, I took some major hits from providers — in effect, chastising ME for the plight of these people, and taking offense to the fact that I blamed the professionals who …

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Mar 13 2008

Prescription Drug Ads – Your Help Needed

What do you think of those prescription ads you see on TV, in magazines, newspapers and other places? Do you think they are helpful? Do you get frustrated because you know you can’t purchase those drugs directly anyway? Did you go to your doctor to ask about one of them? Do you think they are …

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Mar 11 2008

Hospitals, Never Events and Your Bill

Last week was National Patient Safety Awareness Week. Seems like the press just caught up this week. From MSN and NBC, to Reuters, and hundreds of news outlets that are more regional or local in nature…. this week patient safety is the bulk of what I see in the headlines. Most of us patients don’t …

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