Quick Medical Clinics — Pros, Cons, Food for Thought

doctor-ear.jpgIf you have one of those quick drop-in clinics down the street from you, ready for you to arrive with your sore throat, aching head, feverish child or whatever your malady-du-jour is, then you’ll want to take note of this quite excellent description of their pros and cons, brought to you by Bottom Line Health.

OK, yes, I’m a bit prejudiced by its excellent advice 🙂

I’ve written about these quick medical clinics before. They definitely have their upsides for those of us who know that whatever illness or temporary injury we have just needs attention quickly so we can get on with our lives.

My bigger concern is the person who tries to use these clinics when they don’t have a good handle on their real medical concerns and something big gets missed. These clinics aren’t staffed by specialists or rocket scientists. They are staffed by general practitioners or nurse practitioners and pharmacists who want volume — patients in, patients buying drugs, patients out.

Use a quick clinic when it makes sense. But don’t let it stand between you and the practitioners who will care for you when you really get sick.

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