February 2008 archive

Feb 29 2008

Forbes: Patients Lose Thru Lack of Hospital Competition

Forbes Magazine this month includes an exhaustive and question-inducing series of articles about hospitals and their ability to best take care of the patients who trust them. And the picture isn’t pretty. Even the titles make us pay attention: Bad Medicine Dirty Tricks Hospitals’ Nightmare And the subtitle under Bad Medicine is — The heart …

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Feb 28 2008

When the Psychiatrist is a Bully

(Find a follow up to this post, Lessons Learned) What you are about to read is my own personal experience, having taken place over the past 10 days with a psychiatrist from Naples, Florida who works in addiction psychiatry through his “Healing Institute.” Many of you regular readers know that my blog used to be …

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Feb 27 2008

Health Net Pays $9 Million for Canceling Patient’s Policy

Put yourself in Patsy Bates’ shoes. She is a hairdresser who had health insurance coverage with Health Net, a large insurer in California. In 2004, Patsy was diagnosed with breast cancer, and part way through her chemotherapy treatments, Health Net decided to cancel her insurance. At the point where she owed almost $130 thousand for …

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Feb 26 2008

Jarvik’s Lipitor Commercials – Was Any of It True?

Questions began circulating about the Pfizer TV and magazine commercials for Lipitor earlier this month. You’ve seen them — Robert Jarvik, the supposed “inventor of the artificial heart” touts his use of Lipitor as his way of controlling his cholesterol levels so he won’t have a heart attack like his father did. He runs. He …

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Feb 25 2008

Three Cheers – Cardiology and Second Opinions

This New York Times letter to the editor caught my eye… Second opinions are so very necessary in a case of a difficult diagnosis, or when treatment will be needed for chronic recurrences of a disease, or in particular when a patient needs surgery. Patients are way too often intimidated at the thought of telling …

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