January 2008 archive

Jan 31 2008

Carmelo Rodriguez – When Marines Become UNCitizens: Misdiagnosis, Malpractice and Outrage

(May 20, 2008 – find an update to this post) [Let me begin this post with a bit of a disclaimer. My husband is a retired veteran of the Air Force — 20+ years — before I knew him, but that doesn’t diminish my pride in the fact that he served our country. His son …

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Jan 30 2008

Eli Stone, ABC, Autism, and My Take on the Controversy

I’ve watched and heard plenty of controversy from those who are either upset, or elated, that ABC will be airing an episode of its new TV show, Eli Stone, tomorrow night. Eli Stone is a lawyer who defends a lawsuit imposed by a family who believes that a vaccination caused their child to develop autism. …

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Jan 29 2008

What’s New? Developmentally Disabled Children Grow Old

Unless you have a developmentally disabled child or adult in your life, this is something you may never have thought about before. When I was a child, I knew of other kids who spent their lives in wheelchairs, or went to special schools. When I got to college, I used to volunteer in a state-run …

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Jan 28 2008

Close to Home Comic – for Your Consideration

Do you get the daily newspaper? Does the comics section carry Close to Home? It’s one of my favorites — and I spent quite a bit of time poking around the Close to Home website to see if I could put a copy here on my blog. but no. It’s worth a look — just …

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Jan 27 2008

Tax Rebates: Maybe Health Insurance Should Pay Attention!

So hubby and I are excited about this tax rebate thing… looks like we fit in that middle class group that will get $1200 back from the federal government. We reflected on the rebate for a few moments, and the thoughts by legislators and the president alike — why they voted “yes.” I share their …

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