Prayers for Tom

Last month I told you about my email pal Tom who battled with his health insurance company to get permission to go to the Cleveland Clinic for specialized surgery that he can’t get at home. I told you at the time that with each “win” for the possibility of his heart surgery, the insurance company would throw another hurdle in his way.

Tom WON. He stuck it out, using respectful but persistent steps and tactics, and ultimately — yes — he got approval for his surgery at the Cleveland Clinic….

…. which will take place tomorrow morning. Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 19.

If Tom and I bumped into each other on the street, I wouldn’t know him. We are “just” email pals. But our discussions have all been about this life saving surgery he needs and fought for. I feel a kinship, and find myself thinking about his surgery tomorrow, and knowing all the efforts he has invested in it, knowing that it is heart surgery and there’s a chance — always a chance they’ll run into trouble….

So as the rest of us go about our daily business tomorrow, my prayers will be with Tom and his surgeons. I hope if you are so inclined, you’ll put in a good word with Whomever you put those good words to, too.

When Tom can get to email, he’ll let us know how he made out. Please note: I said WHEN, and not if.

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