August 2007 archive

Aug 31 2007

Study the Studies: Too Good to Be True?

My mom turned 80 years old on Wednesday. She lives 1500 miles away in an Alzheimer’s Memory Center. We did the usual things; sent a card, flowers, phone calls…. and she sounded good on the phone, although she couldn’t have told you it was her birthday, or who we were on the other end of …

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Aug 30 2007

Monster, Marshalls, Others Prove No Privacy

Your no-brainer quiz for today: What do, Visa, Marshalls and TJMax, Oklahoma Law Enforcement, Spotsylvania County, PA, and at least 500 other entities have in common? They have lost electronic information to hackers, scammers and phishers in the past three years. And there’s a good chance some of YOUR personal information was among the …

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Aug 29 2007

Of Melanoma, Botox and Rocket Science

See if this doesn’t leave you shaking your head…. a story in the New York Times about access to dermatologists: If you have a mole, and suspect skin cancer, you’ll have to wait an average of 26 days to get an appointment with a dermatologist. If you want a botox injection to eradicate your wrinkles, …

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Aug 28 2007

Blink, Intuition, Gut Reaction: Spot On

I don’t write often on trusting one’s intuition for making health care decisions. I should do it more often. Here’s why: A few years ago I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink — an analysis of how we use our unconscious, our intuition, and how accurate it turns out to be. At the time I remember feeling …

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Aug 27 2007

Health Consumer Power via the Internet

I read a story in my local paper yesterday entitled Internet gives angry consumers new power, which began with a story about a man named Sterling Bishop who was unhappy with the work Pep Boys had done on his car. Mr. Bishop made a video showcasing the shoddy work, put it out on You-Tube, and …

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