May 2007 archive

May 31 2007

Hospital Night Terrors – Condensed

Max Alexander paints a very frightening portrayal of nighttime in the hospital in the June 2007 Reader’s Digest. There is nothing condensed about the appalling stories he tells which have resulted in death, damage, pain and long term trauma. The story was forwarded to me by Helen Haskell, one of “us” — patients and loved …

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May 29 2007

Primary Care Physician as Care Maestro

When I blogged about your local drug store’s walk-in medical clinic, I promised some thoughts about a shift for primary care doctors and their role in healthcare. To reiterate: New options for patient care are evolving, and the primary care physician is being left by the wayside. Beyond the walk-in drug store clinics mentioned above, …

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May 25 2007

Drug Store Medi-Clinics: How Convenient!

Last evening’s NBC Nightly News focused one story on the medical clinics being set up in drug stores/pharmacies, even supermarkets, across the country. CVS, Target, Walgreens, Rite-Aid — they are all doing it. Included, too, are medical sites being set up by Steve Case’s Revolution program (see previous blogs.) Even AARP has written about them. …

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May 23 2007

Depression, Relief and NO DRUGS

After my long absence (moving is SUCH a pain!) I was back in the radio taping saddle this morning. I interviewed Dr. Richard O’Neill about a report issued earlier this month touting psychotherapy (counseling) as the therapy that helped keep 74 percent of those women studied relieved from their depression. The report was found in …

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May 21 2007

CCA’s Skolnik to Appear on Montel

(… and first a word from your moving-weary blogger…. sorry I’ve been away for so long! We moved during the past week and it was torture! I forgot how hard it is to move! But we are safely ensconced in our new home, and I’m back at it again: advocating, blogging, writing, teaching — anything …

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