In Search of Patient Advocates

In my past life, I was a marketing web developer. As such I learned how to analyze search engines and statistics to see what terms people are using to find my websites.

Review of my two main websites tells me that many of you are looking for information about patient advocates or patient advocacy. I don’t have a lot of that information online — but am ready to put some on my sites — sooooo — can you help me?

If you are a patient advocate — or — if you are in search of a patient advocate — or — if you want information about choosing a patient advocate — please send me an email! I will add information to my websites according to feedback.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Joel January 14, 2007

    Re: In Search of Patient Advocates
    My own site and a couple of others are all I’ve been able to find. For a long time I have been searching for sites and organizations that victims of error and abuse in medicine can call to get guidance about what lies ahead. Most patient safety sites are setup for healthcare professionals, not patients. I keep track of them on my links page: