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Oct 16 2009

Quick Action Needed! To Get Your Medical Test Results…


Have you ever been frustrated trying to get copies of your medical test results?  It may be because there is an existing law that says you can only get them from the doctor or other provider who ordered them for you. That law is yet another example of how patients are excluded from being allowed …

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Jan 15 2009

30 Rock, Medical Tests, When Negative is Positive (or Vice Versa?)

Ted Eytan, MD, a patient empowerment advocate and a fellow Tweeple provided a heads up about a clip from 30 Rock which all us non-medical professionals can relate to.  It’s brought to us by Hulu: Have you had this experience?  Is negative a positive?  Or is positive a negative? Isn’t this just a great example …

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Dec 18 2007

Doctors Work the System to Increase Income – at the Patient’s Expense

Found an interesting op-ed from the Dallas News online yesterday, written by Dr. Steve Cole entitled, “Biggest factor in rising health costs are the doctors themselves.” Unfortunately, the title doesn’t even begin to touch the content, so many folks will miss this enlightening piece — a piece that should be read by everyone who has …

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