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How Supermarket Purchases Violate Your Privacy and Increase the Cost of Insurance

It’s cold and wintery. Time to hunker down with plenty of comfort food and a toddy or two… and while we’re at the store, let’s pick up a bottle of aspirin, some stomach acid medicine, and maybe even plenty of dog food for the rottweiler…. A swipe of both your store’s loyalty card (gotta get […]

Dad — an Empowered Patient Sets a Fine Example

…. and today is his 81st birthday. When people ask me how and why I began doing patient advocacy and empowerment work, I first tell them about my misdiagnosis, and then I tell them it’s because I learned how to be an empowered patient from my dad. Since beginning his battle with cancer in 1986 […]

Lot’s ‘o Topics – Find Links Here

It’s been a busy several days — as the holiday season always is. Haven’t written anything new on this blog for your consideration, but I have been busy! Here are the topics I’ve covered, and links so you can find them: What about Nataline? The 17-year-old who got caught in the crossfire over insurance coverage, […]

When Blaming Gets in the Way of Well-being

Last evening I heard from Jack, a man with revenge on his mind. Sadly, Jack’s focus on making sure someone “pays” has moved the real problem, and the person who needs his help the most, to the back seat. It’s a bad situation, and it just breaks my heart. Jack has a six-year-old son, Max. […]

Stealing Hope – Managing Expectations

While visiting Sarasota, FL a couple weeks ago, I missed this article in the New York Times, When Doctors Steal Hope. Maybe it’s just as well. I would have been one of the first to add my comments, but maybe my own blog is a better forum for that? My advocacy colleague Julia Schopick made […]