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May 02 2009

Swine Flu and Chicken Little – Too Much Hype?


After a week of hearing that the sky is falling because swine flu was going to take us all down, there’s a lot of second guessing about whether government(s) and the media have over-hyped the potential for a pandemic, and whether we have all over-reacted to the fear. I say – we have not overreacted …

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Apr 30 2009

Swine Flu Myths – From Celebrities to Conspiracy Theories

Pigs fly

It didn’t take long for the conspiracy theorists and the rumor mills to get going over swine flu, did it? Let’s see:  do Madonna or Salma Hayak already have swine flu? Or – is this possible pandemic really just bioterrorism? These and more swine flu myths, separating fact from fiction and some fraud thrown in, …

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Apr 25 2009

Swine Flu – But What About Bacon and Eggs?


Note:  Swine Flu FAQs updated daily Plus:  Should We Be Afraid of Swine Flu? While the professionals provide us with statistics about Mexico, Texas, California or other places where patients have contracted swine flu, I actually find I have different questions all together: I don’t live in Mexico. Am I at risk for getting swine …

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Apr 11 2009

Advocating – What’s “Friendly” Got to Do With It?


It’s a simple question, but it has stirred some controversy.  It’s the word “friendly.” Colleague and fellow passionate advocate Bart Windrum got (as my mother would say) his blood in a bubble after reading an article about engaging a patient advocate to help you navigate your healthcare, recently published in a Tampa newspaper. In a …

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Mar 11 2009

Hospital Gets a Plus, Communication a Minus


It’s been awhile since I posted — but you’ll understand why. My father suffered a mild heart attack a few days ago, and (thanks for asking) is doing as well as can be expected. In his 80+ years, he has never had any indication he had a problem with his heart!  A variety of other …

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