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Feb 11 2015

Chicken Little, Wishful Thinking and the 24 Hour News Cycle


One frightening and frustrating trend we’ve seen since the 24-hour news cycle became a reality (meaning – since we have all gotten used to, and expect, to get our news updated at anytime, day or night, everywhere) – credibility has taken a nose dive. We want to think we can count on the “facts” as …

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Apr 19 2012

Time to Put a Stop to Drive-by-Doctoring


As many of my readers know, I speak at meetings and conferences fairly frequently, and most often to groups of patients and caregivers. The focus of the talks I give is usually on a patient empowerment topic – ranging from how to communicate with your doctor, to how to stay safe in the hospital, to …

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Dec 08 2011

Check Out Those Health Charities Before You Donate


This column first appeared in the Syracuse Post Standard December 6, 2011 It’s that time of year again.  The holidays, of course. But also the end of the tax year, when charities, including groups like cancer societies or hospital foundations, are pleading for donations. Each year in December my husband and I make contributions to …

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Sep 01 2011

Don’t Let Your Medical Test Results Fall Through the Cracks


(as published in the Syracuse Post Standard August 30, 2011) A few years ago, I changed primary care doctors. The one I left had good credentials. Over the span of a few years and several visits, she had seemed competent and was friendly. But on my final visit, there had been a change that caused …

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Jul 07 2011

July – a Potentially Dangerous Time for Healthcare


(as published in the Syracuse Post Standard July 5, 2011) Seven years ago this week, I found a golf ball sized lump on my torso that changed the course of my life. After its removal, I was diagnosed with a rare, terminal form of lymphoma. Subsequently I determined I didn’t really have lymphoma.  That was …

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